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How do you know if what you are doing is helping you to achieve your life purpose—the reason for having come into this lifetime?

As 2024 begins, many question if they did all they could in 2023.

Here is a checklist to help you plan for a year that will bring you closer to your spiritual destiny.

1.       Each day, you have gratitude for the Light and the people in your life.

2.       You look forward to what you are going to do daily.

3.       When you look in the mirror, you like who you see.

4.       Conversations with others leave you feeling you were true to your beliefs, compassionate, and non-judgmental.

5.       You forgive yourself and others.

6.       You create healthy boundaries while maintaining a soft, loving heart.

7.       Studying, continually learning from wise mentors, meditating, praying, and being of service

are essential and routine for you.


These seven comprise a beginning or primer lesson for you to consider. You can equate each of these with a corresponding chakra. Decide which of the seven chakras you feel the energy to complement and help you advance your intention. For example, I feel the emotion in my heart chakra for number five and use that center to guide me back to love when needed.

Study groups, having a spiritual mentor, meditation music, or tapes can all assist you in developing and deepening your spiritual growth.

In 2024, the energies on the planet will intensify, and having a strong core connection to the Light will ensure you are in the best place possible to manage all that life will present to you.

Blessings for a Happy and a Healthy New Year,

Barbara with Answers from the Light.


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