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         Heal the Body, Mind, and Soul with Energy Medicine.

         We are connected by a web of Divine Light that offers healing

         for us to tap into. 

Healing with the Light

     I work with the Light and term this Energy Medicine. A doctor I met in California listened intently to how the Light works through me, and he said, "Oh, you use Energy Medicine!" I loved that term, and others whom I have done healing with have gone on to use it too. Everything is Energy and when we flow with the Light we can heal in its midst. I allow its miracles to come through me. The Light is entirely in charge.  The patient and the Light are the true healers. Officiants for healing are holding the space for a person to accept the Light.

     Seeing or feeling a hand of Light over my hand that is cold or warm is also sometimes visible to the person on the table. Clients might notice one or more Beings of Light in the room with us.  Now and then someone “sees” the Light working with us. After tending to two women suffering from paralysis they were able to move. Their families watched the transformation in amazement.


    Instructions in basic shielding or protecting and releasing, help you to safely begin your journey to awakening your inner healer. We introduce higher frequencies in meditation and energy sessions if you are enrolled as a student for mentoring. As your healing centers are activated, students attune to the qualities of the Healing Masters of Light. Everyone is uniquely gifted in their place of development when we meet. We teach each student according to their specific needs.


    Each person in need of healing is met with specialized treatment just as students are. What is progressively healing for one might not be what another requires. We are all created from Light but at different stages in our evolution. Guidance directs me as to what your needs are.

My Reiki Master Teacher was flying in from Japan and I was to see her on this particular day. Without our usual hug and greeting, she moved past me, sat down at the table. showed me a picture, and asked me if I knew who the man was. I told her I believed he was talking to me that morning about going into the stream. I shared that I said to him that I did not have time to go outside and visit the stream of water. Cathy smiled and said the photo was of Bruno Gröning. He knew me well in a past life, wanted me to remember him, to continue teaching and using healing energy, and to remember our time together.

The beloved healer, Bruno Gröning, taught millions of people to go into what he referred to as the Healing Stream. This stream was not a body of water, but rather a flow of energy or God's Energy. He suggested listening to loud music to drown out the mental chatter. Then focus on all the negativity and discard each item with the method of your choice, be it fire, water, or? When you could think of nothing more to worry and fear, then create from the Divine Light all of your positive desires.

During Healing or Medical Intuitive Sessions, different Guides from the Realms of Light make themselves known to me. They direct the flow of energy and the recipient of this absorbs what they are ready for. I see the energy, or Light, flowing through the person.

Working with a woman who was paralyzed on one side, with her family present, she was miraculously able to once again move her arm. I have seen so many miracles, that I know only when it is in Divine Timing do they occur.

BRUNO GROENING Healer works from the Light, with Barbara~Josie.

Bruno Gröning

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
St. Padre Pio saved his life and he can help you too.

When my grandson in this photo was an infant, he had an autoimmune disorder. One night, when his temperature reached 105, and I silently screamed for help from the Light. Suddenly, standing before me was a monk. My daughter did not see him. I silently asked who he was. He told me he was Padre Pio, reached over to touch Josh, and instantly Josh's temperature was normal. I thanked him profusely and still do.

Afterward, I went to the Internet to see if indeed there was someone such as he, and I found St. Padre Pio. Many miracles have been attributed to his appearances. Praying for miracles when they are karmically allowed is instantaneous sometimes.

                                                                        TRUE - AMAZING - MIRACULOUS


I am about to share one of the most extraordinary miracles of my life. I was driving with a friend and heard a thump under my car. In a panic, I stopped, got out of the car, and saw the squirrel I had run over. I was horrified and filled with guilt. Bruce witnessed me on my knees, praying and emitting the Light God sent to me and through me. I opened my eyes when I heard Bruce gasp. We both saw the squirrel's body parts reunited perfectly, and the little creature ran across the street and up a tree. I had tears streaming down my face, and Bruce stated: "I believe in God again."

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