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Many testimonials and videos were made when I primarily went by Josie and JC. I've since returned to my given birth name of Barbara Gail.

Barbara Gail, Mystic, Medium, Author

From Tricia ~

“Barbara, is an extraordinarily gifted healer who communicates with Spiritual Masters and deceased loved ones to bring clarity to your spiritual journey.

Barbara is compassionate, inspirational, and uplifting. She brings Divine Light and Energy to all her interactions, and you will be astounded by her accuracy. If your Soul is searching for healing, the future has you anxious, or you need closure from your past, Barbara offers answers, insights, and the peace you seek.”


— Tricia Baxley,  Certified Life Transitions Coach

Tricia Baxley testimonial

From: Ned ~

"Barbara goes deep. This wasn't a typical surface-level reading. The first thing she picked up on was that I was going to be in another state soon (traveling for an event), and she named the specific state without any clue or conversation leading to that.


Then she started talking about my early childhood and issues around that, that have greatly impacted my life. She explained what happened without me asking, and with more clarity than anyone has.


She told me about my most important life purpose and what I came here to do. Many people ask for that in readings, and she started explaining this to me without me asking. And it aligns with what others have said, but in a more detailed and in-depth way.


She told me about a person who I've had a painful relationship with and explained for closure about that, again, without me asking.

There was a lot here, and she allowed me to record it, so I've been going over it again to really process it. This reading was not light and

fluffy. It was about my soul's

purpose here and impacts my

choices going forward, for the



Thank you, Barbara."  


—Ned Matinnia

Net Matinnia of Near Death Experiences on FaceBook
Paul D. Braun, artist and beloved friend reached out after his passing.

I was sitting at my computer one night when I heard a familiar voice in my head. It was a voice I had loved and we had not seen one another in years. He told me that he was in the Light and just wanted me to know. I immediately looked up his name online with the word Obituary, and there he was. Recently passed, he felt deeply enough to tell me. Paul is standing beside a picture he had painted when I last saw him in Chicago. He went on to live in California and much of his artwork was seen. What a beautifully gifted soul. The Light is blessed to have him back home. I love you, Paul, blessings be yours.

I left flowers at Sonny Liston's grave. He spoke to me for years from the Light.

We go to a grave to pay our respects, try and receive comfort, or maybe say our last goodbye. As I was placing these flowers on the grave of Sonny Liston, I did so knowing he was not in the grave. He was and is in the Light, progressed as a soul and Spirit of our Creator of Light and life.

The most powerful assistance I know of when someone is grieving is the gift of communicating with that person, or pet, who has passed from their physical body. My ability to communicate with those who passed on was evident from a very young age. When my dad left this earthly world he accurately gave me messages for both my mother and myself. His gift was our greatest proof if we ever had any doubt in an afterlife, and I have always remained confident in my knowledge of life after life.

​“I have been attending Barbara’s meditation classes for several years now. Barbara’s classes are very personally healing, insi...

Dr. Mary Page;

Denver, CO

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“Barbara has been a facilitator to my spiritual guides for many years. She recently helped me with the passing of my mom. ...

– Rhonda​

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"“After my son passed on in 1992, I didn’t want to live. A friend from Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado told me...

– Sandra​​

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“During my first reading with Barbara, she named my grandmother on my mother’s side, Claire. I then told Barbara that my middle...

– Cathy​

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“Barbara told me the most intimate details of what my father would experience at the time of his passing. I found out she ...

– Carrie

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“I live in NJ and was visiting my sister in Colorado when she suggested going to see Barbara. I was excited and nervous, b...

– Kathy

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“First, work aside, Barbara is a tremendous and joyful being. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she is medicine to be arou...

– Susan

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"A most gifted person indeed. Barbara has touched my life very deeply. I cannot say enough about the insightful, caring, g...

– Kathleen Hines

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"I suffered from hot flashes and other horrible symptoms for three years after going off of hormone replacement thera...

– V. Winkler;

Denver, CO

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"Barbara did The Reconnection for me as well as amazingly accurate messages from those who passed on. I never knew of this...

– Paul Gallender, Author.

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“After The Reconnection, I feel like a million bucks!"...

– Rev. Eryn DeFroot;

Denver, CO

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“I witnessed a miracle as Barbara restored an animal back to life after its having been hit by a car. My life then took a...

– Bruce


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"Barbara"s readings and classes inspire, bring about healing, and she teaches in a way that brings everything into focu...

– Lee Prevost;

CPA, Denver

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The Light she saw was always there. "The Reconnection was great! I felt like my ears were on fire at the beginning a...

-Jennifer Flynn;


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"Barbara, I enjoyed your talk at the 2008 Mensa Gathering. Thank you for your help in the audience! I wanted to talk to yo...

- Carol ​​​

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“I came to Barbara because my nephew was missing. She told me that he drowned but would be found twenty-three days later. ...

– Name withheld by request

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“Barbara, thank you for the messages from my son who had passed on. Your accuracy was helpful. I have met twice with Barbara, a...

– Dennis

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“I went to Barbara in March 1993. At the time the man I was living with was getting ready to move back home to Minnesota, ...

– T.D.

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“When I knew Barbara for just over a year I had already witnessed some wonderful and phenomenal events. My experiences hav...

– Burt

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"I have been going to Barbara for various ‘life situations’ for the past two years and have said numerous times, ‘She is t...

– Liz

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“I have known Barbara for many years and have experienced and witnessed her abilities to help and guide people across a wi...

– Bill​​

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"Barbara is such a very gifted healer, medium, and teacher! She has helped me clear up physical issues as well as connecte...

– Deb P.

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"Barbara has been doing the Psych-K with me and as an R.N. with the Army here in Colorado, I am interested in many ways to...

– J. Peterson, RN, US Army;

Fort Carson, CO

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“After a skiing injury, I went to Barbara for The Reconnection. Several days after completion, I am experiencing the best...

– Pamela A. Knight, M.D.;

Castle Rock, CO

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“My sister, who had passed on years earlier, gave JC messages for me that no one else could have known about. My hea...

– Jean Moore, Basalt;


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“I’ve always been impressed with your guidance. Thank you!”...

– S.C. Ph.D.;

Denver, CO

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“Barbara, thanks so much for the information about my kitty. You were accurate and so helpful!”...

-Jennifer Tollefson

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I have so many testimonials that I have not yet listed...

So I thank every one of you for taking the time to share and your willingness to listen and respond to healing.

― Blessings! Barbara 

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