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Giving insight is a gift from God.

“For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.”

― Kahlil Gibran

What An Intuitive - Channeled Reading Offers You

          My process of giving Spiritual Readings.


Information is mainly received telepathically. I also see and communicate with my physical senses. I hear directly from the person or pet that passed on. The Masters from the Realms of Light offers guidance.  Your future self might come forward to explain how to advance in your life. For example, a past life affecting the present might reveal itself so you can release the pain of the past. When you psychically and emotionally hold onto unresolved issues, you become stuck in a matrix of confusion. Once aware, you gain freedom through self-forgiveness or intentional release. Reclaiming parts of yourself that you gave away adds to your creativity, prosperity, and love. There are many options for healing, but we begin with direction from Guidance.


I do not use cards, astrology, or any form of divination. I am a direct channel for the Light, clear, and concise since three years old. I begin with a prayer to invoke the Divine Light so nothing of a lesser consciousness enters. I state that we do not take on anything that does not belong to us. I ask for blessings for us and all mentioned. If there are impediments to receiving accurate healing information, I request they be removed at once. I wait until I see a light behind my closed eyes, for that is my confirmation the connection is secured in the Light, and we begin.


Twice I was not meant to read for someone. Once a man wanted the person's name with whom his wife was having an affair. I told him I could not do that, and he left.


The other person was more complex. Guidance told me not to read for her since she was immersed in lies. There was nothing I could do for her at that time, and I had to ask her to leave.

  • Gain more information, peace, and healing.

  • Receive health insights. This is my work as a Medical Intuitive.

  • Possible futures are highlighted with information on what and whom to avoid and what to pursue.

  • When you have more options known to you, better decisions are made.

  • Communicating with loved ones, people, or pets, helps them and you to gain peace.

Please note: Your reading is affected by what you do with the information.

Communications with a specific loved one cannot be guaranteed. Congruently, someone you did not like might come in to apologize or make amends. If you do not want to do so you must inform me to have the person leave. Understand that God allowed a special dispensation for that person to speak to you to heal the problems remaining.

Information provided does not constitute business, financial, legal, medical, psychological or other professional advice. You are responsible for your choices and actions. We must choose all the time, and information given in a session is meant to provide you more information with which to make your best decisions.


If you are used to talking, it is best during a reading for you to listen more than to speak. We will begin the session and then ask anything you want. I do not recall most of what is said when we are finished. When you provide a testimonial it is agreed that it can be placed on my website. You can record your session.

If you have more questions before a session, just ask. Thank you ~ Barbara ~ JC ~ Josie:)

Delores Luciano, Psychic Medium

Dolores M. Luciano ~ my first Spiritual Mentor ~ God bless her wherever she is now, doing her work from the Realms of Light. Dolores loved in a big, beautiful way like the colors on this page.  She gave generously of her talents and friendship. She knew what it meant to listen to her God-given intuition.

I wanted to know about marriage, health, money, and what would be the best place for me to live? But when I met Spiritual Medium, Dolores Luciano, all my questions went out of my head. I sat down at her table at a Psychic Fair in Chicago, Illinois. Before I could ask anything, she told me I had no idea who I really was, what my spiritual abilities were, and why I was here. Wow, that was intense! And Dolores was right. 

Dolores proceeded to explain why I saw non-physical beings and many more phenomena I did not understand. I never had anyone to talk with growing up who would understand me. Because of Dolores, I know the sacredness of a teacher and student exchange and its importance.

Please click on the arrow in the box to view the text.I had been working with Kathy after she had been suffering from headaches and terrible dizziness for a year following having had COVID. In two sessions she was completely healed. In this short synopsis, Kathy tells you how renewed her health is now.

If you are familiar with ORBS you will notice the white circles at the upper left portion of the picture on the wall I had in my Denver office. Sometimes, during a class everyone smells roses, and we know that the Divine Feminine is with us. If you pay attention to what you hear and feel, and take a photo, you might capture the unseen company of Light.

ORBS on Barbara's office wall
Nature is a gift we must care for
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