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John, Commander of Spaceship 5 for Weather Control

“To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational. The real challenge is to work out what aliens might actually be like.”― Stephen Hawking

Meeting John, Commander of Spaceship 5 for Weather Control in New Mexico, in late 1990 is a cherished memory. I know from experience that intelligent life extends beyond our Earth, and they are amongst us. John, Commander of Spaceship 5 for Weather Control, saved my and a friend’s life years ago.


We were leaving Estes Park in Colorado, and the road down the mountain was steep, and Rick was driving. A whiteout blinded us as we ventured around a curve without warning. We were unable to see anything, so we could not judge our distance from the edge. I remembered when I had met John and his offer to help me someday, so I quickly called for him. I shouted aloud for John to save us and clear the deathly fog. In a second, it completely vanished. Then, all down the mountain, we had clear weather. Rick was shocked about John but refused to discuss the miracle. I tried offering him an explanation to no avail.


Several years before this event, I had gone to Santa Fe, N.M., with Caroline. We attended a seminar and afterward enjoyed the car ride home. She and I discussed what we learned when I noticed impressive statues in front of a sprawling home. I asked Caroline to pull over to look more closely. As we admired the art, the owner came outside and greeted us. She casually spoke about the buffalo and other statues, but I watched and listened to somebody else while she was talking. With my eyes open, I saw the figure of a man in a blue and sparkly silver uniform. He had a glorious white light around him, emanating kindness. They did not see him, so I focused on his energy and how welcoming his presence was.


He began to communicate with me telepathically. I cannot recall his face, so I feel I am not supposed to. He was tall and shaped like a human male, slender but muscular. His demeanor exuded wisdom, and I say this because I intuitively felt that was his essence. He telepathically told me that his name was John, and he was the Commander of Spaceship 5 of Weather Control. He told me that many others in New Mexico were helping our planet. I was interrupted from talking with John as my friend shook my arm to get my attention. She asked if I wanted to go into the woman’s home to have some lemonade and cool off. I attempted to be cordial and “normal,” although I wanted to continue speaking with John. I accepted the offer, and we went inside. Although I didn’t actually see him walking into the house, John joined us. We entered our host’s living room, and he was already standing there and remained as we drank our refreshments. John watched and listened to us with interest, but I knew he wanted to speak with me again.


I finally interrupted their conversation. I exclaimed to the woman who lived there, “Do you know you have a spaceship in your backyard? Someone here, from the spaceship, is telling me this now.” My friend looked shocked, but the woman who lived there was more than overjoyed at my announcement. The owner promptly confirmed this was true and asked if we wanted to come with her into the backyard to see their ship if they allowed her to show it to us. I would have said yes, but John asked me to remain in the room with him. I declined, but with coaxing, Caroline agreed to join her. The look on my friend’s face told me she thought this was ridiculous. I stayed with John to hear what he might say, and I was glad I did. When they came back into the house, Caroline looked pale and stunned. She was unsteady as she sat next to me on the sofa and whispered: “There is a spaceship in her backyard!” I smiled and said yes, and told her that John instructed me to call on him whenever I needed his help.


I was filled with gratitude for having met John on my way back from Santa Fe, and for his coming to our rescue later in Estes Park. I am delighted to hear that Stephen Hawking and other great minds join me in saying we are not alone in our mysterious universe.

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself about your world, our world. Our vast and miraculous many universes yet unknown to us are speaking to help us progress.
We are not alone because we need help!
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