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Sonny Liston & Muhammad Ali & the Afterlife Communications

An American boxer, Charles "Sonny" Liston and British boxer, Muhammad Ali, came together in the Afterlife even though they were opponents in the physical experience.

Sonny Liston gravesite

Sonny Liston has evolved and belongs to a Community of Light that brings us wisdom. When we release the limitations of what we think is possible, we experience more of the consciousness of the Light.


Paul Gallender's Validations of seventy statements Sonny made to me about his life and career appear in my new book.


Sonny also gave Paul personal messages that proved both accurate and important to him.

What Sonny said about Ali's passing &
Sonny put on the boxing gloves, but it was not the life he wanted.  When he passed he left behind the violent life he led.

Give up the fight it is no longer needed

Sonny shared thoughts about himself and Muhammad Ali when I was at his gravesite.  He had never talked about Ali to me before.

I had been no more aware of Muhammad than Sonny. Yet, Sonny felt it was time to speak to me of his association with Ali,

the man who Paul said virtually destroyed Sonny's career.


Sonny said that many in the Spirit Realm are connected with us. I heard kindness when he told me he and others were with

Ali to usher him into the Light.

Sonny conveyed that being with Ali at the time of his passing on June 3, 2016, was always the plan.


My being at Sonny's gravesite on that very day was part of Sonny's plan for us.

We are in no position to judge anyone. Not knowing who we were before brought us into the life we have now.

Once freed from this lifetime, if we improve ourselves, we advance, as Sonny has.

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