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I am Barbara Gail ~Josie or JC to long-time friends.
I offer answers, comfort, and healing from the Light.

Dove and God's Flame
Koda Sr. gave many messages after his passing
Barbara and Jacki healing in life
Mother Cabrini Shrine offers miracles
Shelter for cats was rewarding
Barbara Gail
Chief Running Bull came to me in 2023 to remind me I was his wife in a past life

This  photo of me when I was twenty-one with natural long, dark hair, is what I best relate to when I look at the picture of this man who was my husband in a past life. He revealed himself to me as Chief Running Bull of the Lakota. I had no rememberence of him until he appeared and spoke to me.

Write your life story
Manifest your life your way

I displayed abilities to deliver Answers from the Light when I was three years old. All that I receive and convey originates from God, Messengers of God, loved ones, Guides, and enlightened Masters with whom I have established communication throughout lifetimes.


Trance and Conscious Channeling Sessions relay messages from an array of esteemed beings, including God, Christ, Rabbis, Native American Elders, Quan Yin, Benevolent Extraterrestrials, Bruno Gröning, and many who have also made their presence known to me. I always work directly with the Light. 

My Near Death and Out-Of-Body experiences establish more proof of the contniuation of consciousness after physical death.

How I remain in contact with the Realms of Light at all times:


I maintain on-going communcations silently and aloud with God and the Beings of Light and loved ones who have crossed over.

I pray and meditate daily with meditations lasting at least one hour twice a day.

Always, I remind myself of how God told me: "My words will come to you, and through you, you must speak them, but not everyone will listen."  If I feel that my messages are met with disinterest, I remind myself that it is more important to fulfill my contract with the God of my understanding, than to please all others. 

Everyone has their own truth based on where they are on their evolutionary journey. I honor your truth, yet, there is only thee truth. As you grow closer to enlightenment, you will love all truth and you will know peace.

Truths: Love heals. There is no death. God is.


In-person sessions in Colorado and available on Zoom everywhere and FaceTime.

Koda Jr. passed but he touched many lives with love
I have been blessed with many angel animals. My dogs and cats have added immesurable joy and healing. 
The time I rescued a turtle wandering into the street in California offered a miracle to be able to help. 
Swimming with the dolphins, a blue jay sitting on the palm of my hand, and dolphins greeting me again when I returned to California, created a stronger connection with the Light and Love available.

More About Me

February 14, 1999, I became an Ordained Minister.

When Pastor Snyder of the spiritual church left, he appointed me to take his place. I was probably the first Jewish Pastor to come their way. I always thought of religion as love, caring, and humanity. Also, matzo ball soup and chopped liver. My Auntie Ann shaped my ideas about charity and selflessness.


I perform wedding ceremonies, counsel abuse victims, and work with patients in hospitals and hospices. When we approach our final moments on Earth, some of the most profound wisdom comes to us, which is my segue into why Spiritual Readings are so valuable. Hindsight is painful. Insights you receive during a Spiritual Reading give you more information to make your best decisions.

Barbara Gail, Mystic, Medium and Author

Classes and Private Mentoring

Speaking for Your Group

Clearing Blocks

Spiritual Development Classes on  Private Sessions and Mentoring

I was a Guest Speaker at the Rocky Mountain High-IQ Reach for the Summit gathering in Colorado, in 2008.

Healing professionals worldwide attended, revealing a progressive interest in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. I gave participants in the audience spontaneous messages, answered questions, and spoke of what I know and love, the Light. All speaking engagements are highly satisfying, and I look forward to meeting you.

Miracles happen when we release blocks in the sub-conscious that we brought with us from previous lives. When we remove the imprinting left from anyone who has hurt us, we are freed to create the life we want instead of repeating patterns.

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