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Are you an adult who began as a Starseed child? Did you have a higher sensitivity than your siblings? Were you/are you psychic? Do you remember “unseen” friends?

A Starseed child, to me, is one more label to understand each person’s

spiritual abilities. Empaths, Sensitives, Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants, oh what a long list it is. It is easy to get confused!

None of us, absolutely no one, is indigenous to this planet. We originated from the Light when we were a part of Source. Countless Extraterrestrials and Masters of Light who walk among us are invisible to the naked eye. But I have seen them with my developed inner vision.

Holy Archangel Mika’el, St. Padre Pio, Mother Cabrini; I saw all of them with my human vision because they allowed me to, and the same with John, the Commander of Spaceship 5, for Weather Control.

I have also seen negative beings I will not discuss here, but they are among us and do their best to put a person in a bad mood or alter otherwise good circumstances into something negative. If you walked into a room and wanted to run, you were feeling negative energy from humans or non-humans. Honor your inner knowledge and leave immediately. Listen to your sixth sense warning you to protect yourself.

Children who are gifted with extrasensory perceptions have retained more of their memory. They have earned or signed up to be a healer, medium or psychic in this lifetime. Some are weighed down with ego and others gain little recognition because of their quiet nature of staying in the background.

Spiritual gifts do not guarantee a happy, carefree life. However, you are better able to get out of the ditch if you get in it, and more likely to advance when obstacles present themselves. I have heard healers, life coaches, and psychics complain about their lot in life, having physical, emotional, financial, and love relationship challenges. So, if that is the case, then why bother? Because when you reach a certain level in your development, even if you break a bone in your body, you will breeze through the experience.

The important questions to ask yourself are: 

Am I all that I can be??????

Am I open-minded and thus learning and expanding my consciousness?

Am I meditating and listening to Universal Intelligence for guidance?

I’ll tell you now that if you want to be prepared for the mounting changes in energy and consciousness, if you want to advance to the New Earth, if you want to help yourself and others in a crisis, then prepare yourself and learn to listen.

At three years old, I announced that I was not of this planet. I was very psychic, sensitive, saw and communicated with the deceased, and grew into an established Spiritual Communicator for the Light. Healing miracles that have come through me, I credit to the Light. Yet, as a child, I experienced sexual assault, physical abuse, neglect, verbal and emotional abuse. Everything this life could throw at me to take me off my path came heavily. That was my biggest hurdle, perhaps, to forgive and remain a loving spiritual human. I feel I have succeeded despite the abuse, lies, and neglect I have had to survive.

I did more than survive. I love the Light and blame God for nothing, not a thing! Every pain inflicted on me was because of a human’s choice. They will have to answer to a higher court and power. The rapist who went free is under the illusion he got away with what he did; he will find out justice prevails one day, and if not here in the afterlife.

So, back to the question: are you doing anything to discover and develop your intuition and innate healing abilities? If not now, when will you? Sessions are by appointment and you can

inquire about a special mentoring program designed for you.

In peace and Light,

Barbara Gail


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