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A Messeage from Divine Guidance:

“Many ask why they came into this lifetime. We will discuss briefly the “why” because it is grossly misunderstood. New-agers, meaning all of you aspiring to think in a new way, must return to the old ways to know and understand why you are here, now.

Reasons are many, understandable since the soul has many lessons.

A primary intention for a soul incarnating is TO FEEL and then to MASTER FEELINGS: EMOTIONS.

You are not here to learn to love because you already know how to do that.  There is not one amongst you who does not know how to love. Even if you love one kitten, bird, dog, horse, sunset or sunrise in the privacy of your thoughts, You know how to love.

 What evades you is how to master your emotions. Your easily influenced and often unreliable emotions cause you to: Refuse love, evade knowledge, start wars, lie, and live miserable lives. Think on this information.

 We will be here to educate you on how to MASTER YOUR EMOTIONS. Trying times are escalating, and you will not have peace without learning this.” Masters of Light

Find a quiet place, free of distractions. Sit by a tree, near a fireplace, by an ocean, or beside a mountain, and find serenity in silence.

 If you are interested in learning with the Masters of Light you can email me about the next Zoom class.


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