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People can't always show up the way we need or would like. Books are always available,

but not for a warm hug. Nature is changeable within seconds, so that picnic you planned, might not happen. But, what if you need someone or something right now?

The life force within is connected to a much larger unit we will call SOURCE, a Creator of unlimited energy, intelligence, love, and healing.

This Source is as much a part of you as every atom of your body. It is as real as your toe, finger, and all else. But, unless you move to access energy and intelligence, it seems nonexsisitent.

We create energy patterns, and when situations are recreated in our life, it is attributed to this energy pattern we made, no one else, just us made it.

Breaking undesirable energy patterns involves releasing those energies from past and present lives and rendering them inactive, or revoked. When this is accomplished, you will be free to decree and make your statement or declaration what you are now creating instead.

You don't have to remain stuck in a repetitive cycle. If you want to try a very short way of approaching this, use your INTENTION. Intention is powerful for change...but you must follow through with ACTION.


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