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Sonny Liston - What you don't know

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Have you ever wondered what will be said about you after you pass on? Or, have you toyed with the idea that when you die, you are dead, so who cares what anyone says anyway?

You will be very much alive and aware after you pass, so you will have full access to what is happening back on this physical planet. You will feel differently than you can imagine now about anything anyone says about you. Your understanding of the immaturity of the human race will give you compassion for their, dare I say, narrow-minded thinking?

Since Charles "Sonny" Liston contacted me in 2012, as so many, many others have, it makes me want to share some things about Sonny that you don't know. His story will be published, and you will have the opportunity to read about him, but here are a few highlights.

This is from a conversation I had with Sonny in the Realms of Light and me here at my computer. Sonny showed me a picture of a beautiful small boy, himself. He said the world never knew him for who he really was because he forgot the truth. Sonny believed he was supposed to fit in and fight to survive at all costs. Later, Sonny wondered, To what purpose? Sonny said he allowed the lies as he suffered at the hands of those who judged and defined him. In the process, he forgot his Light and his dignity. I asked, why do so many forget their truth and the great truths? Will you tell me the great truths as you see them? Sonny responded:

"JC, I’m going to talk about the other side. I am a voice among many, and powerful are those who combine in their efforts to be heard. This world silences those it professes to accept while it denies their freedoms. Look around you to see what is meant by this. Hypocrisy is everywhere. Lies are rampant. The very words in the books of proposed truths are either half-truths, misunderstood, or Vessels of Light so intense that they have not been allowed to be brought forth. There are hidden writings by those in power who have sought to keep the masses held in ignorance. All will unite in Spirit one day, but until that time comes, while the flesh is worshipped and adorned still, the multitudes will wander in and out of consciousness." For clarification, the Vessels of Light Sonny speaks of are the high energetic frequency G-d infuses directly into His words.


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