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Shoah } Holocaust ©2018

When I write, the Light works through me and is heightened, as when I work one-on-one or in groups. My writing is a meditation and a prayer to G-d for me to be an instrument of Light, healing, love, and truth. People attracted to this Light come with messages. I have lengthy messages, so I will only use a portion and begin with one messenger.

The survivors of the Holocaust document much of what happened to them and others. But what of those who perished and wish still to contribute their knowledge? I have been a Spiritual Communicator for the Light as long as I can recall. Here is my legacy, to share their wisdom.

When I was about ten, my grandmother opened the family photo album of relatives and friends who were murdered for being Jewish. Then, gazing innocently upon them, I gave Grandma Fannie the names of the faces I saw and spoke of their attributes. In astonishment and fear, Grandma slammed shut the book, yelling about what I should not have known. Next, she demanded I tell her how I received my information. So fearful I had done something terrible, I ran from the room and never spoke of such things to her again.

The Light would not be contained, and I was not meant to remain silent. However, as I matured, so did my discernment of what I could say to who. I mostly learned not to offer if I was not asked a question. I pray that these writings touch you in a way that urges you to stand for justice and wipe out all prejudice, eliminating fear and destroying innocent lives.

I refrain from using names as I am instructed. But, with the most profound reverence for all who lost their loved ones, I share communications with respect for the sacredness of willingness to come forward. It is my honor to give voice to the unseen in the Light with Hashem.

A man who perished in Germany speaks to me:

​Shoah } Holocaust ©2018

"I have seen here from the Divine Land of Light where many are now willing to come forth and speak. We do not have permission to give our identities at this time, as we were known. It is of great interest to me to tell you of the workings of the Law of the Light. In this Law, it is written: FOR HE WHO TAKES THE LIFE OF ANOTHER – HE SHALL GAIN SUCH LIFE TO LIVE IN HIS PLACE. The meaning of this is speaking to Divine Justice. This is to ensure that when a soul in the flesh is taken by another in the flesh, the taker will have to live out, for however long it is deemed necessary by the Light, that life. This is Divine Justice in its supreme force and power to right all that has been taken against the Light. The Light gives only life. The Light does not engage death. Light is life.

In its entirety, this is not all there is to know of the Law of Balancing. In the land of flesh, there are many greater teachings withheld. The Light disperses information during intervals when minds are open to further teachings, when ready to receive. When I lived in the flesh, I held many beliefs. Many looked to me for wise counsel. I gave all that I knew, for a generous man is a godly man. It was my great ambition to be forthright in diminishing all that would cloud the mind of man. We were estranged from the greatest truths, and we did not know this.

I lived a life of peace until that peace was disrupted in my life. I grew angry and then sorrowful for the lives whose breath was taken from them. I lost my godliness. I lost my faith. Ultimately, I lost my life. And then – the pronouncement of the Holy Light took notice of that which I was and embraced me. In this rebirthing, we became as one. What I know now the Light knows for the mind is held in one space in time. There are sounds emitted from the Light which one can only discern upon the Earth as the wind or the genius of creativity as a masterful piece of music is born. Or a voice so melodious that you feel G-d singing directly to you. Light comes in and through its creations in many forms when allowed to do so.

Take the cloths from your mirrors and gaze upon your Light and see that the life you can no longer hold or touch stands next to you. Learn to see. Purify yourself in the waters and sanctify each word you speak. Your godliness will come forth. You will know I did not die. They did not die. You will not die. Be of the Holy Light now, Children of Light. Be a prayer in life and a prayer of hope for when we meet again."


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