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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

My Clients and My Purpose — My purpose is to educate and offer healing with Energy Medicine, Information, and Knowledge from a Divine Source for anyone ready to receive from the Realms of Light. My clients have or want to have: 1. A belief in God and an afterlife or curiosity about the same: possibly grieving over the loss of a loved one, be it a person or a pet, and wanting to know if they can still communicate with them. 2. Grief support and healing after a loss or death. 3. Healing from sexual assault and other abuses and neglect. 4. Know they have intuition but do not know how to develop or use it and want classes or private sessions to learn. 5. Never meditated and want to know the benefits of meditation and how to do so, or experienced meditators who wish to gain more from their reflections. 6. People in any form of pain wanting to know about alternative healing. 7. Anyone who needs insight into why challenges reoccur, how to manifest a better life, and how to get unstuck and be happier. 8. People who want to experience a Higher Power and their Personal Power. 9. Anyone who wants to know if Angels are real, Guides and God, and how to connect. 10. Someone who wants Mentoring to better understand their spiritual abilities and do more to help themselves and others. 11. Illness and pain management through healing and or mitigating same. 12. Insights into the past to heal and the future to better manifest. 13. Relationship manifesting, healing, and releasing. 14. Illness support and sometimes miraculous eradication. 15. Learn how to and or have me remove negative entities and energies from self and environment. 16. Information about the past, present, alternate realities, and future to gain comfort, knowledge, and healing. 17. Receive answers to questions such as: Is there life on other planets? Are they here? Are there any Beings of Light sent by God to help us and our world? Where did my beloved pet go? 18. Sensitives and Empaths who desire better boundaries to buffer or shield themselves and or know how to better release what they take on unintentionally. 19. Eliminate fears. 20. Understand personal and business relationships. 21. Dream interpretation. 22. Crystals and environmental tools and how to use them.


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