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Message from Mother Angel Overseeing Our Troops

One who describes herself as the "Mother Angel" for troops in battle wants to give a message. Her communications have been condensed for this space.

“Whoever has wanted to participate in these writings has had to petition a council that oversees the communications between the seen and unseen realms. The Council of the Wise decides if they will allow our words to come to you.

People have had their lives ruined by others who have no conscience, no code of honor.

You ask me about the code of honor, and I can elaborate for you. Earth takes what it needs from nature, but humanity steps into the picture and disrupts the balance. The thought forms that are analogous to hate, jealousy and brutality, spread over the surface of the earth like seedlings. They cause nature to become imbalanced through their sheer negativity of emotion and intent. If you stand on the grass and spew horrendous thoughts, the grass, soil, and the Earth suffer. A code of honor represents respect for self, the planet, and all life upon the Earth. How many people or nations do you see who uphold this tenet? A code of honor has long been missing on Earth.

I don’t want to close my communications on this sad note. We are glad to be reaching you and everyone who will begin to think of how they can bring more life and Light into the world. With that thought, thank you for your questions and letting us speak with you.”

Many have had to go on without loved ones by their side due to ongoing wars. Know they are close to you and always hear and feel you.


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