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Updated: Jan 12

Who makes it possible for a particular person to communicate from the Afterlife?

God, that is how Charles "Sonny" Liston came to co-author his writings with me.

I never knew about boxing and did not want to. Today, I still shiver at the violence of two people pounding away at each other in a ring. I suppose it might be similar to the knights of old who fought for the maiden's hand, and whoever bested his opponent won her.

Today the prize is money, cold hard cash, and fame in certain circles. I certainly do not understand the popularity of boxing. So, when Sonny Liston contacted me from the Light as hundreds have before him, this was a surprise to me. But, he and I had a past life contract that I would write for him one day.

I put in long hours scribing for Sonny Liston. I would have thought us an improbable team. We remember people as we knew them or heard about them. I had not paid enough attention to know about Sonny. Well, today, I cannot make that statement. Like many before, Sonny found redemption and wisdom in the Realms of Light and has much to share.

These writings will be published in 2024. Stay tuned!


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