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Direct Communications with the Light

I want to clear up some inquiries I have had about what happens in a reading. When new

clients come for a session, they either had experiences with Readers and think I will be the same, or they have no experience and hope for the best, skepticism, or an open heart and an open mind to connect and receive. The last is, of course, the best attitude.

However, I want to explain that I never use Tarot or Astrology. I do not ask you a dozen questions like others might have, and I have been told that happens a lot. I do not require nor want you to feed me all the information you have to give you an answer.

While compassion and nonjudgment are definitely my standards, and guidance from Guidance of the Divine Light comes through, these are not therapy sessions. Sometimes, if you have multiple sessions to resolve emotional pain, it may seem as if you are receiving counseling. If you have been in counseling, you know you are led to do most of the talking. This process can take months and even years. When we work together, we, meaning Divine Guidance and I, we are doing most of the talking. Whew for you:):)

Mentoring requires repetitive sessions based on your desire to learn as much as possible in one-to-one sessions with me and Divine Guidance.

If you have further questions, please email me; I will gladly help.


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