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Updated: Feb 12, 2022

I have had several careers in this life, and all have been service-oriented. Yet, one constant has always been my connection with the Realms of Light throughout each change. My ability to see the unseen and hear physical, auditory senses could not always come naturally.

Some develop their intuition through learning Tarot Cards or other forms of divination. I never had the patience because the information was given quickly and clearly from loved ones who passed, Masters of Light, God, and pets wanting to reconnect with you.

If you are were born a Channel or Conduit for the Light, your gift is meant to be used. I have heard from people who do not believe in UFOs or the Afterlife. This means they are not ready to move beyond the physical realm they feel is real or safe. And yet, safety is not offered here on the physical plane.

You can organically develop your spiritual skills through meditation and prayer. Whatever you excel in now is meant for you now. There is no limit to what you can achieve when you feel spiritually driven. We are not alone in our quest for knowledge. Divine Guidance will always answer our call.


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