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Charles "Sonny" Liston

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

The night of my dad’s passing was highly emotional. I had an extra gift, though. Dad appeared to me while I was talking to Mom on the phone. Dad gave me messages for Mom that she confirmed as 100% accurate. What a comfort and a blessing Dad gave us. Five years later, I met Paul Gallender, Sonny’s biographer. Paul’s books can be found on Amazon. Paul and I first spoke after he finished writing but hadn’t yet published his first book about Sonny. Long story short, Sonny gave Paul messages he verified just as my dad had done for Mom and me. Maybe you don’t believe in an afterlife, and that’s okay, but it is real. I am grateful to have met the beautiful Sonny Liston with a heart as big as can be. Sonny just wanted to love and be loved.


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