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Many are content with receiving answers from teachers. As a Spiritual Mystic, I am honored to be that person in your life. However, there will come a moment when no one is available to help except your Higher Self reaching into the Light.

Learn to pray effectively now, meaning co-create with your Creator. Master Meditation, listen for your Creator, teachers, and loved ones in the Light available to help you.

Read, attend classes, sit quietly in nature, and open your heart to the sounds of Universal Intelligence. Our world is quickly moving away from its spiritual foundation to chase technology. Divine Guidance tells me that only a Spiritual Person can and will ascend, not a robotic imitation.

Give yourself a blessing now, and bless another. The energy of your gift automatically blesses you. Do this many times and monitor the changes within. Combine this with prayers for love and peace, bringing that into your being, and meditation, and life will take you to a higher and deeper level than ever before.

Everything in the physical world, as you know, is temporary. The reason for our planned obsolescence is not a secret. We are more than physical beings and must rediscover the Light that fuels us.


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