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I found my purpose long ago and love the journey.
Hi, I am JC. Some know me as Josie, and others, as Barbara, my birth name.

I am a Student of Spirit, a Spiritual Communicator for the Realms of Light,
Teacher, and Energy Healer.

Learning meditation gives you a foundation to follow and build upon with your intuitive abilities.
If you have not been able to meditate, many have succeeded with our practices.
​Pets are a joy to work with, to receive messages from them, and to extend healing energies.
Shalom, be blessed, and be a blessing.


(380) 867-3548 or email  

Serving Denver, CO and Columbus, Ohio Metro areas.

Extended availability on Zoom.

Located in the United States and available on Zoom and FaceTime.
Thank you for visiting my site, and I look forward to meeting you.

Sandy Beach

With the Light, we can help you --

  • Insight is better than hindsight!

  • When you have questions, if your soul is ready for the answers and healing, Divine Guidance will deliver them to you.

  • Sexual abuse and trauma remain in the body until released. Specific processes give you back your life.

  • Remove past life contracts that keep you repeating lessons.

  • Recreate your future with vision, commitment, and clarity.

  • Receive in-depth information to create the life and relationships you desire.

  • Revisit with loved ones, pets, and animals who passed on.

  • End painful relationships and manifest the love of your life in your life.

  • Medicine has its place in healing, as does Spiritual Healing, and Energy Medicine to restore the body, mind and soul.

  • Marriage and Relationships are helped by removing karmic blocks. Freedom from the painful past allows you to move forward with one another more easily.

  • Begin on a spiritual journey to enlightenment if you are ready for a Mentoring Program. Develop your latent abilities.

  • Identify and address physical issues years before they manifest so you can prevent them. Once manifested in the body, we can utilize Energy Medicine to help.

  • Clear your home and office of energy that is not conducive to your success.

Become a Blissful Spirit and be free of whatever has held you back ~

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“JC is an extraordinarily gifted healer who communicates with Spiritual Masters and Deceased Loved Ones to bring clarity to your spiritual journey. JC is compassionate, inspirational, and uplifting. She brings Divine Light and Energy to all her interactions, and you will be astounded by her accuracy. If your Soul is searching for healing, the future has you anxious, or you need closure from your past, JC offers answers, insights, and the peace you seek.” — Tricia Baxley,  

Certified Life Transitions Coach,

Upper Arlington, Ohio

Email with questions to:     

About Me

I am a Mystic.  

A Mystic is not taught forms of divination, instead receives information directly from the Realms of Light. I was told that at age three I began giving otherworldly information.

Much of what you will read on this website might be new information for you. I do not align myself with any specific group online talking about Ufology and other matters. What I know or believe is from direct experience with the subject matter.


So much about ourselves is unknown to us. There is truth in the statement, Physician heal thyself. We are in our infancy on this planet in understanding life, death, and the universe surrounding us. We are affected by unseen energy and those who have passed on. The noise you heard in your home when "no one" was there, except you, was most likely someone who wanted your attention.



Communicating with your pets is fun and informative. Giving them massages imparts healing for you and them. 
At the Furry Scurry in Denver, Colorado, I gave countless "readings" to pet owners.

My Certifications:

REIKI Usui Shiki Ryoho Oku Den Level 11 Second Level Training in the Usui System of Natural Healing administered by Ruth D. Stoner on the 24th day of January 1998 - Reiki Level 1 was with Donna DeNomme of Denver, Co.

REIKI MASTER USUI SHIKI RYOHO attained a Reiki Master Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing administered by Catherine Claire Kamino, Reiki Master/Teacher, on the 25th day of November 2001.

Ordained Spiritual Minister in Denver on February 14, 1999, and then appointed Pastor by the outgoing Pastor Charles Snyder.

Samadhi was achieved, and I was in the conscious presence of God on October 18, 1999. A particular meditation was given to me by Hashem/YHWH/GOD and can be taught to others who wish to achieve this reunion with their Creator.

RECONNECTIVE HEALING™ 1 & 11 July 2001 Denver, CO and Level 111 September 2001 Dallas, TX as taught by Dr. Eric Pearl.

Pranic Healing Course©®  with Master Choa Kok Sui, October 26, 2003

PSYCH-K ® ADVANCED COURSE August 13-16, 2009, San Diego, CA

Physical materializations of White Buffalo Calf Woman, Quan Yin, Padre Pio, Mother Cabrini, and Jesus Christ, all of whom communicated with me. When Christ spoke through me to a large gathering, I was told that my brown eyes had turned emerald green as He was healing congregants (they became brown again afterward).

JRC 2017 photo.jpg

I was a Guest Speaker at the Rocky Mountain High-IQ Reach for the Summit gathering in Colorado in 2008.

Healing professionals worldwide attended, revealing a progressive interest in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. I gave participants in the audience spontaneous messages, answered questions, and spoke of what I know and love, the Light.

      Spiritual Development Class on Zoom


February 14, 1999, I became an Ordained Minister.

When Pastor Snyder of the spiritual church left, he appointed me to take his place. I was probably the first Jewish Pastor to come their way. I always thought of religion as love, caring, and humanity. Also, matzo ball soup and chopped liver. My Auntie Ann shaped my ideas about charity and selflessness.


I perform wedding ceremonies, counsel abuse victims, and work with patients in hospitals and hospices. When we approach our final moments on Earth, some of the most profound wisdom comes to us, which is my segue into why Spiritual Readings are so valuable. Hindsight is painful. Insights you receive during a Spiritual Reading give you more information to make your best decisions.



More videos coming!




Thank God

"Thank God a friend suggested I see JC after my son died. She told me things no one else knew and I was convinced he was in the Light."

Pink Rose Bouquet

Paul and Debbie
A Love Story

Healing Peace

"JC gave me messages from my wife, Debbie, that proved to me there is no death. She gave me peace."

Wedding Rings



"A nurse I worked alongside at the hospital suggested I see JC. I needed to make life changes and she was of great help. Over the years of knowing JC I saw her ability to live in two worlds of the physical and non-physical. Truly amazing."  

Taking Samples

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We are part of a vast universe of intelligence, one about most know very little.

Communicating with those who pass before us, intelligent life elsewhere, and here for that matter, requires an open mind and a willingness to understand differences.

Humanity is quick to anger, judge, and less likely to advance with these traits.

We need to change for our world to ascend to higher consciousness and enjoy peace.

To connect on a deeper, meaningful level with all life, we must want to do so.  Be bold. Lead, do not follow those who would doubt the power of love. — JC


I will be in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado again and visiting the Mother Cabrini Shrine. You might also want to explore the Spiritual Temples in Crestone, Colorado.
My 101 pound German Shepherd, Jacki, is at home wherever I am:) I  grew up in Chicago, moved to Northern, CA., Arizona, spent time in Seattle, WA, and currently am in the Ohio area.
My best advice about where to live, as I am asked often, is to listen to the voice within, watch for the signs, and listen to the wisdom imparted from indivduals who speak to you from the Light.  Change can be your best friend!

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