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Barbara ~ Spiritual Medium, Mystic & Channeler

With Barbara Gail

                   Spiritual Medium ~ Mystic ~ Energy Medicine ~ Channeler

               Reiki Master ~  Author & Educator


My 2 companion sites are:


           Soul Seeks Light focus: Proof-of-Afterlife (near-death) Experiences,

            Out-of-Body Experiences, Channeling, Reincarnation, and

                Messages from the Light offering enlightening teachings.

Pet Psychic Communications are healing

Pet Communications

Communicating with your pets is fun and informative. Giving messages provides healing for you and them. 
At the Furry Scurry in Denver, Colorado, I gave countless "readings" to pet owners.

My Certifications:

I have dedicated myself to providing clear, accurate messages from the Realms of Light since childhood. I learned healing modalities, only to discover the greatest gifts I had were from the Light. Still, I list some of my earned certifications.

Testimonials on this site were recorded when  I still used JC and Josie before my legal name change back to my birth name. 

REIKI Usui Shiki Ryoho Oku Den Level 11 Second Level Training in the Usui System of Natural Healing administered by Ruth D. Stoner on the 24th day of January 1998 - Reiki Level 1 was with Donna DeNomme of Denver, Co.

REIKI MASTER USUI SHIKI RYOHO attained a Reiki Master Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing administered by Catherine Claire Kamino, Reiki Master/Teacher, on the 25th day of November 2001.

Ordained Spiritual Minister in Denver on February 14, 1999, and then appointed Pastor by the outgoing Pastor Charles Snyder.

Samadhi was achieved, and I was in the conscious presence of God on October 18, 1999. A particular meditation was given to me by Hashem/YHWH/GOD and can be taught to others who wish to achieve this reunion with their Creator.

Pranic Healing Course©®  with Master Choa Kok Sui, October 26, 2003

PSYCH-K ® ADVANCED COURSE August 13-16, 2009, San Diego, CA

Physical materializations of White Buffalo Calf Woman, Quan Yin, Padre Pio, Mother Cabrini, and Jesus Christ, all of whom communicated with me. When Christ spoke through me to a large gathering, I was told that my brown eyes had turned emerald green as He was healing congregants (they became brown again afterward).

The testimonials were created when I was still going by JC and Josie ~ 



More videos coming!


Sandi still sends me messages and butterflies since she passed on.


Thank God

"Thank God a friend suggested I see Barbara after my son died. She told me things no one else knew and I was convinced he was in the Light."

Butterflies sent from the Light
Debbie gave her husband, Paul, exact messages after her passing.

Paul and Debbie
A Love Story

Healing Peace

"Barbara gave me messages from my wife, Debbie, that proved to me there is no death. She gave me peace."

Death Does Not Separate Loving Souls
James "Burt" Ray gave me many messages for years after his passing.



"A nurse I worked alongside at the hospital suggested I see Barbara. I needed to make life changes and she was of great help. Over the years of knowing Barbara I saw her ability to live in two worlds of the physical and non-physical. Truly amazing."  

Burt saved lives as a nurse.
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Thank you for your testimonials ~

"Your messages from my grandson were so accurate, I felt as if he were here in the room with us."

- Noel C.


"You were right about everything you said that would happen the end of last year. You said it could be prevented, but I just wanted you to know it all happened."

- G.B.


"I had the best reading with a psychic, Barbara Gail. She was so accurate, and Rick came through so strong. It was so beautiful, and she definitely channeled Rick. It left me so happy and encouraged. Thank you, Barbara Gail"

- Barb Kastle

From: Ned Matinnia of "Near Death Experiences" on Facebook ~

"Barbara goes deep. This wasn't a typical surface-level reading. The first thing she picked up on was that I was going to be in another state soon (traveling for an event), and she named the specific state without any clue or conversation leading to that." 

Full testimonial and others are on the Testimonial Page...

Barbara Gail and Ned Matinnia of Near Death Experiences page on FaceBook, co-hosted AN EVENING WITH SPIRIT on June 18, 2024. This is a portion of Barbara's message proving we can communicate with children - souls - when they are in the Light!

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