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Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Do you find yourself believing what is comfortable or what someone who is supposed to be a person of importance says? And what constitutes a very important person — a VIP? Values are challenged daily. Truth itself can be hidden and hard to identify. For example, we know that leaders do not always deserve to be in a leadership position.

If something is to pass the litmus test of truth, it must be known to your intuition. The mind can be easily fooled. The heart is emotional and fickle. Desire has tempted many to go along with something less than wise. Gossip, tabloids, and podcasts with hysterical hosts wave the flag of fury and lies. They appeal to warmongers and troublemakers who do not care to discern a lie from facts.

Only your clear, concise, pure intuition can and will reveal the truth. So, strive to awaken your inner nature of spirituality. Prayer and meditation without intention might not lead you to enlightenment. I say this because the mind has conflicts. One day you are overwhelmed with positivity and another negativity. Plan what to focus on for that can help speed up your progress. At this point in my life, after having been in God’s presence consciously, meeting with Masters of Light and loved ones who have passed into the Light, I am confident in letting go and melding into the silence of the Light. In the early days of my spiritual development, I had mantras, music, guided meditations. You will progress if you are dedicated and desirous of attaining mastery over the physical realm and entering the Realms of Light.

As you address the Light, consider these helpful intentions in meditation: Reveal my life purpose. Please show me how to be of service. Then be still and wait to hear for however many moments, days, or months it may require fine-tuning your listening power. Next, pray actively by knowing you co-create with your Creator. Finally, use all your senses to see and feel your desired outcome as if it has already happened. By doing this, you give form to what you wish to manifest. Finally, close your meditation or prayer with sincere gratitude because even if you have not yet reached your goal, you will. You are never alone, and in your loneliest moments, you are joined by unseen Light Beings who will sustain you.

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