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Socrates said, 'When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.'

* Bigger kids in a schoolyard pick on smaller kids

and are called bullies.

* A radio personality is considered to give his

opinion when he demonizes someone.

* And a liar, well, a liar is a liar, slanderer, bully, podcast host sometimes, and a loser of ever becoming a better person until he changes his ways.

I guess that says it all. Slanderers lose out until they wake up and become decent human beings with empathy and morality.

* One way to deal with slander, and I know this

personally, is to consider the source. So would Moses, Jesus, Yogananda, Buddha, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Angels, Mother Cabrini, or beloved Bruno Groening slander? Did they? A resounding NO is the answer. So, consider the source and pity them for the consequences they will face one day.

Just because one person or one thousand say something does not make it so. Hitler thought if he told a big enough lie often enough, people would believe it. And they did! Hitler was a slanderer and a liar, and a bully. So one might wonder why anyone wants to emulate that.

I would love a 3rd political party made up of a Rabbi, Priest, Metaphysician, Non-denominational Spiritual Leader, Poet, Artist, Healer, and Seer/Prophet.

Maybe, just maybe, people would advance. We could teach MEDITATION in school and not shame children for their sexuality. We could even teach tolerance and patience and not have kids go hungry. We could do a lot of good if we woke up and realized the consequences of making children suffer the pangs of humiliation, sexual assault, and neglect.

So yes, we could, then why isn't the world waking up? It all begins with YOU.

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