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Updated: Feb 12, 2022

We all need new beginnings from time to time. To remain stagnant is to miss the excitement of the mysteries of life.

A few ideas on how you add a new beginning to your life:

  • Take a class on something you have been interested in but never looked into.

  • Try out some new recipes just for the fun of it.

  • Rescue a pet who needs your love and protection and receive the same in return.

  • Are you tired of your career? Make a list of your abilities and explore opportunities.

  • Do you want more friends? Join online groups in none are available in person.

  • Have you thought of someone you would like to mend a relationship with because if you want to there is a good chance they do also. Try to reconnect via email, phone or letter.

  • Have you waited on taking that trip you want so much? Have you saved and still not gone?

  • Would you love to have more love in your life? First, know what you want. Then start imagining it happening as if it already has occurred. Take necessary steps to make yourself available and be certain this is what you really want so you do not sabotage the dream you think you have. Got it?

Life requires to be doers. Life asks us to be fluid and follow the signs that help us make good choices. Signs are easy to detect once you get in the flow. Decide what means yes or no to you. If you meditate and see brown you can tell your Guides that means no. You can program that yellow means yes. It does not matter, as long as you set up communications that works for you.

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