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Updated: Feb 12, 2022

We have all heard ourselves described by our age, accomplishments, level of education, and the list is ongoing. None of these categories define us. While they help others know a bit about us, that is all the story tells.

There is so much more to us than what meets the eye. Our skin and hair color do not begin to tell you about a person. Someone's challenges in life may be well-hidden intentionally.

When first meeting a person, take the time to get to know them. Do this by actively listening.

"Older" individuals have a great deal to share if you are not in a hurry. Sometimes the saying "Youth is wasted on the young" applies. Because a person might have a slower gait or take a moment longer to recall a name, it does not classify them as less than capable.

Be kind. Be patient. You will get to that bigger number one day, and you will pray for someone to have compassion.

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